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Dave's Moving Service has been in business for over 40 years. Dave Campbell started the business in 1973 by moving a customer of Ethicon, (a Johnson and Johnson subsidiary) that he worked for. This was the first move that Dave's son, Clay Campbell, then a teenager, worked on. Clay says "I was impressed by how industrious my father was. He is the hardest worker I have ever known, and he always found ways to bring income to the family. I have continued to assist my father with moves since that time, learning not only my father's techniques and business savvy but also his values and his integrity. My father's motto has always been "Give the customer more service than they expect, for less than they expect to pay'".

Since this was a family run business, Dave treated every customer like family, and all customers' belongings as his own. Dave insisted on using shrink wrap and blankets to cover customer's valuable belongings, at no extra charge. He also refused to charge mileage; instead of charging a flat hourly rate. It wasn't long before word spread about his high-quality service at low pricing. Dave's Moving Service began to grow!

It took a while, but we eventually realized we had something unique to offer people in the moving business that the large corporate moving companies couldn't...treating the customers like family while still providing quality, efficient, low cost moves.

In August 2014, at the ripe young age of 85, Dave decided to retire. Who better to continue the proud tradition of his business, he thought, then his son Clay, who had worked beside him and learned from him all those years? Today, Clay owns and operates Dave's Moving Service. Dave serves as a consultant.


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